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The Essential Guide to Hong Kong Movies has probably gained Hong Kong movie fan cult status because of its subject matter and rarity.

Since Hong Kong cinema has become more mainstream in the West there are numerous books that review and critique Hong Kong films. But in 1994 there were few choices for non-Chinese literate Westerners such as myself. Basically the choices were the error-ridden Asian Cult Cinema - The Book and The Essential Guide to Hong Kong Movies. Asian Trash Cinema - The Book was and is (in revised form) still readily available, but The Essential Guide to Hong Kong Movies seemed destined for cult status from the beginning. The first printing was a mere 1000 copies (it's reported that each book was hand numbered on the front leaf "_____of 1000") and while a second printing was done circa 1996 (unknown number of copies and still retaining the print space for hand numbering), this book isn't likely to show up on the shelves of your local bookstore.

While it was undoubtably an invaluable resource in 1994, the reviews now seem somewhat dated and are probably more readily accessible in newer publications. Still, this is a great book if you can find it.

Created: 01/01/03   Last updated 10/10/05