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Asian Trash Cinema: The Book / Asian Cult Cinema: The Book

Full of factual errors, often written as though the reviewer hadn't even watched the film and as of late delving even further into the dark realm of Japanese bondage and torture films, the Asian Trash / Cult Cinema books and magazines once stood as some of the only reference works on Hong Kong cinema available to Westerners.

I remember as a budding Joey fan voraciously reading every review in the books and magazines to determine which Hong Kong film I would search out next. Some of my earliest memories of Joey center around the photos contained in the two original books. I intially couldn't put a name to the face that I'd fallen for as I watched A Chinese Ghost Story, but through the books and magazines that mystery was solved.

I didn't realize until I received notice that my subscription to Asian Cult Cinema was expiring in 2002 and my decision not to renew that it had been eleven years since I first read Naked Screaming Terror #4, the fanzine that preceded Asian Trash Cinema and I had been a subscriber of Asian Trash / Cult Cinema for over eight years. I posted my final thoughts in an open letter to publisher Tom Weisser to the alt.asian-movies newsgroup and will leave it at that.


Asian Trash Cinema:
The Book

Asian Trash Cinema:
The Book
(Part 2)
Asian Cult Cinema:
The Book
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