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September 27, 1999

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APPLE DAILY 9/27/1999

Chyi Chun said, "Originally we planned to wed next month when we go to Tibet for a concert, but father passed away three months ago and with the earthquake, Joey has to take care of her family,
so we will delay our ceremony. However we definitely will before 2000. I have to record my album in November. After that, we will marry. We will marry overseas, register and host the banquet in Taiwan." If all goes well, the two will wed in December. "After the wedding we will immigrate to Los Angeles to live with my mother. Joey likes a simple life. After marriage she will be in semi-retirement. Joey currently still has a record deal, but recording has stopped."


September 24, 1999

Source: Wolverine's - HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office

APPLE DAILY 9/24/1999

According to Chyi Chun's brother, Chyi Chun and Joey Wong Cho Yin's wedding in Tibet has been delayed until June 2000 because Chyi Chun wanted to wait until 1 year after his father's passing.


September 15, 1999

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AFTER dating for more than a decade, lovebirds Joey Wong and Chyi Chin have at last set a wedding date. Well, sort of. Chyi's father died last month of lung cancer, and according to a
tradition in his family, the couple has to be married within a hundred days of his death. If not, they would have to wait another three long years. Not wanting to stretch their marathon love affair another three years, and in order to have a baby next year, which is the auspicious year of the dragon, the couple have decided to get married within the next three months. And to avoid media attention, the much-anticipated wedding will not be held in Taiwan, where rock singer Chyi and semi-retired actress Wong live. Instead, the couple will exchange their vows in remote Tibet.


September 15, 1999

Source: Hong Kong Entertainment News In Review

Fluff from September 15, 1999

Joey Wong Tso-Yi will be marrying Tsai Chun shortly in Tibet. The two have to get married withinthe next three months because the couple want a baby to be born in the Year of the Dragon next year. Tibet was chosen over Taiwan in order to give the couple some privacy during the ceremony.


January 18, 1999

Source: Wolverine's - HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office


APPLE DAILY, 1/18/1999

Apple contacted Joey Wong Cho-Yi to confirm the story that she would be marrying Chai Chun soon after the Lunar New Year. Wong confirmed that after fulfilling a commitment in Japan she will be returning to Taiwan to marry Chai. The wedding will take place in Taiwan as Chai's father is too ill to leave the country. After the marriage she will retire from the entertainment circle and, in her words, "go back to being a normal person."

When asked about earlier reports that she was ready to assault the Japanese market again with the release of an album in March, Wong replied, "actually Chai Chun and I have a long history in the entertainment circle and we've been through a lot. He's repeatedly asked me to marry him. This last time I finally accepted. I really want to have a baby after we marry. In order to put my full attention to raising a family, I've decided to quit the business."

When asked if the embers are truly burnt out of her ambitions in the industry, Wong replied that it was and added, "I've been through a lot. There comes a point in every one's life when the birds have to come home to roost. Right now, all I want to do is to go out to the markets buy groceries and cook dinner. I want to live a normal life. Before having a baby, I'll quit smoking. I really want to have a baby as soon as possible."

Also, Chai Chun's father after two months in the hospital has already been released.



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