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December 22, 1998

Source: [TAKE OVER] HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office

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Apple -- After splitting up with Lee Kin-Ngok, Joey Wong has been in the doghouse in the Hong Kong entertainment circle. In the near future, she will be active again in the Japanese entertainment circle. In March she will release an album in Japan. Also, she will be acting with hot Japanese star Takenouchi Yutaka (Juk Ye Noi Fung) in the final installment of the television series SAI GEI MOOT DIK SI PIN (DOOMSDAY'S POEM). [Japanese / English title: Sekimatsu No Uta / The Last Song] dn 1/26/99

The show features guest stars in every episode. Earlier Ryoko Hirosue (Guong Moot Leung Ji) and Takao Osawa (Dai Jat Gwai Hung) have made appearances. In the show, she will be playing a deaf and mute woman with a broken heart. Even though her character will not have speak Japanese, such a role is very challenging. According to Japanese sources, Joey Wong's first performance with Juk Ye Noi Fung was critically-acclaimed. Her performance was very open. If she were to be judged, she'd get 90 points. However, Joey Wong herself did not like the role that much. She said, "love should be a two-sided affair. For me to play a character that has an unrequited love for Juk Ye Noi Fung, I feel a bit troubled by it. However, the first installment of this series had Guong Mut Leung Ji in it so I was naturally very happy when they asked me to do the sequel."

Although the production standards of the serial are high and a popular Japanese star guests stars in almost every episode, the ratings for the serial have been very poor. Even the drawing power of Juk Ye Noi Fung is not enough. It is not known what the ratings will be by the time the serial ends.


March 18, 1998

Source: [TAKE OVER] HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office

Joey Wong Cho Yin begins crying at her Taipei press conference.

Joey Wong Cho Yin and Chai Chun recently released their Mandarin records in Taiwan simultaneously. The couple on the 19th held a press conference in Taipei. The rumor involving Wong Cho Yin and Lam Kin Ngok which led to the ending of Lam Kin Ngok marriage to Tse Ling Ling has surprised both the Hong Kong and Taiwan show business. Because of the gossip, Joey hasn't talked to the press for 3 years. Thus her public appearance with her lover Chai Chun attracted nearly 200 reporters, drawing a crowd like the Charlie Yeung Choi Nei retirement press conference and the Jon Lee Chung Sing and Sandy Lam Yik Lin wedding announcement. However the reporters were disappointed by the press conference. Wong Cho Yin and Chai Chun did not appear together, as they sang and fielded questions respectively and refused to pose for photos together. The two songs Joey "sang" were sung live but with a tape. The reporters' questions had to be written down and handed to the host, "filtering" out all of the sensitive questions. Even so, the questions from the press were related to both parties, making the mood more mysterious and fun.

W: Wong Cho Yin

C: Chai Chun

P: Press

P: Please talk about how the two of you get back together.

C: It was simple. One day, I suddenly got Siu Yin (Wong Cho Yin)'s call from Canada. I felt rather strange, hearing over the phone, "Chai". Although we have not contact each other for awhile, answering her call was like answering a family member's call. I called her, "Little sister!" and asked her where she was, when she was coming back, then I said I would look for her in Canada.

P: When did you decide to get married?

C: When two people have been together for more than 10 years, the feeling is like that of a family. There is a familiarity when we are together. Actually whether we get married or not doesn't really matter, but for our family and children, I hope after her music career settles down, we can get married before 2000. I don't mind if we get married and have children atthe same time.

P: How many kids do you want?

W: We definitely have to have children, but it's easier to have them than to raise them. We still have to prepare psychologically.

P: Wong Cho Yin how did you adjust from the rumors? Chai Chun how did you pass the low point of the relationship?

W: The rumors were about me. With my work ethic, no matter right or wrong, I have tried. I accepted what I got whether I deserved it or not. It has been around 3 years since I last appeared in public (At this point, Wong Cho Yin began to cry. For awhile she couldn't speak). I really would like to thank my boyfriend, the road of a relationship is difficulty. We weren't together in the middle, and the relationship with her was like a lifetime ago. How can I describe it? I can't describe it.

C: Love isn't always successful. At the time I felt hopeless, but I couldn't just stop living because there is no hope. True love cannot be forced. At the time I was examining whether I have erred in this relationship and discovered I too made mistakes. I couldn't give her a sense of security.

P: What is the most attractive about Chai Chun to you?

W: His musical talent, like playing guitar, the air and feeling of his music. Of course many can play the guitar, but when he plays the feeling isn't the same.

P: Are you worried that another third party will show up between you and Wong Cho Yin?

C: We are both in this business, both are transparent people. We have to be stronger than the average walkers on the road of love, we can't have doubts.

P: Wong Cho Yin, will you ever share a stage with Chai Chun in his concerts?

W: Experience is a problem. I have a lot of expectation for myself, andI still need to practice.

P: Do you have anything you want to say to the other?

C: I want to ask her when we will have a "result". I am also very appreciative of everyone's well wishes. I hope that she can retire in the movies too, because she is a very professional actress.

W: I sincerely thank him.


February 25, 1998

Source: [TAKE OVER] HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office

Chai Chun and Joey Wong Cho Yin will release their albums on the same day.

It would appear that Chai Chun and Joey Wong Cho Yin will soon make a major announcement. According to sources Chai Chun during the Lunar New Year changed his beloved Hung Yum Music Workshop's name to Chai Yin Music Workshop. Apparently the title is created out of their names and Chai Chun already sees this girlfriend as his other half. At the same time, sources said Seung Wa Records is considering for both to release their albums on March 15th and for both to attend a press conference together. Whether this will be an opportunity for the pair to announce their wedding plans everyone will have to wait and see.


January 13, 1998

Source: [TAKE OVER] HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office

Chai Chun and Joey Wong Cho Yin, who plan to wed after the Lunar New Year. Their wedding date was accelerated by the hospitalization of Chai Chun's 70 some year old father for cancer. His final wish is to see his youngest son Chai Chun walk down the aisle with Joey Wong Cho Yin. Upon talking to Wong Cho Yin and consulting with Wong's family, the wedding ceremony has been scheduled for after the Lunar New Year.

Chai Chun and sister Chai Yu have been going to the hospital before their 70 some year old father is there for cancer. One late night his father lying the bed said to Chai Chun, "Your brother and sister are already married, only you are left. While I am still here, take care of the wedding ceremony!" Chai Chun understood his father's final wish and relayed it to Wong Cho Yin who nodded in agreement. Chai Chun felt that after more than a decade, Wong Cho Yin's parents have treated him very well. "Siu Yin's parents have always treated me like a part of the family. For this wedding, I have to personally visit Siu Yin's home and ask Papa and Mama Wong before I can announce the date. Due to my father's illness, the date cannot be dragged on any longer, probably after the Lunar New Year!" Chai Chun is busy recording for a March release, then will head to Singapore to help with Power Station's concert. Then on the Lunar 4th and 5th he will bring Wong Cho Yin for 2 concert dates in Las Vegas. After that he and Siu Yin will quickly return to Taipei to prepare for the wedding.

"Siu Yin and I once planned for a holy and serious ceremony in Tibet, unfortunately due to father's current illness, the plans have changed. We will hold our wedding in Taipei, but only friends and family are invited, unlike some artists who even broadcast the wedding on television. To us that is like doing a show. Siu Yin and I only want a ceremony that friends and family wishing us well."

"After all the turbulence, Siu Yin and I are cherishing our simply and fortunate life now. Siu Yin and I are completely different people who are deeply attracted to each other. I like to take care of people, she likes to be taken care of. Only then did we finally get together after breaking up!"


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