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Source: [TAKE OVER] HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office (December 3, 1997)

Joey Wong Cho Yin is cool to the press in her new film promotion.

Perhaps Joey Wong Cho Yin has been estranged to the media after such a long hiatus, or perhaps she deliberately was playing it cool. After finally choosing Japan to be her base of return, on the 3rd when she met with the press, Wong Cho Yin was cooler than Best Actress Maggie Cheung Man Yuk. Without even smiling, Wong Cho Yin stayed for ten minutes without any expression then left! The Sino-Japanese collaboration Pekin Geijin Who Are You? (Beijing Yuen Yun Who Are You) starring Wong Cho Yin and Japanese actor Ju Ying Jik Yun will be released in Japan on the 20th.

To promote the movie, the film company held a press conference and a premiere in Tokyo. The reaction to press conference was not enthusiastic. There were around 10 local and 15 Taiwan and Hong Kong reporters presented. Comparing to 200 reporters turn out for the return of Akina Nakamori, it was not a major event. On the press conference, Wong Cho Yin appeared to be without emotions, nor did she directly communicated with the reporters. She was dressed in black, with heavy make up, appearing to be cold and expressionless. Wong Cho Yin said with Mandarin, "I am very glad I get to work with the Japanese actor Ju Ying Jik Yun, and very happy to working with a Japanese film company on a movie related to China."

As for her recent situation and emotional life, the extremely cool Cho Yin did not mention one word. Basically, the 20 some reporters didn't have a chance to interview the stars of the movie. Everyone only listened to the introductions by the master of ceremony. During the introductions, the master of ceremony constantly reminded the press that Wong Cho Yin's new album will soon be released in Japan.

After the press conference, Wong Cho Yin accompanied by the film company personnel attended the film's premiere.- Joey Wong Cho Yin's romance and career have great rises and falls After Wong Cho Yin entered show business with her beauty and her height, she has openly been involved with Taiwan singer Chai Chun. During the period she was rumored with Tony Leung Chiu Wai. In 93, Wong Cho Yin and Chai Chun split and Wong Cho Yin entered the marriage of wealthy businessman Lam Kin Ngak and Tse Ling Ling. In December 1993, Wong Cho Yin admitted involvement with Lam Kin Ngak. Initially she rejected his advances, but after Lam decided to divorce TseLing Ling, her relationship with Lam Kin Ngak began to become clear.

From the middle of 93 to the beginning of 95, Wong Cho Yin was almost completely detached from the film world, as she enjoyed her sweet romantic life with Lam. Lam Kin Ngak and Wong Cho Yin's relationship came to an end in May 95, in September of the same year, witnesses claimed the pair began arguing in a hotel. After the reports surfaced, Wong Cho Yin reportedly returned toTaiwan to pick up the pieces until February of last year when the Taiwan press discovered she has returned to the side of her old boyfriend Chai Chun, who will produce her record.

However her appearance at the press conference was her first public appearance in 5 years.


November 12, 1997

Source: [TAKE OVER] HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office

Great attention is paid to Joey Wong Cho Yin's latest [movie].

Joey Wong Cho Yin chooses Japan to be the starting point of her return. This decision appears to be correct because her latest Pekin Geijin Who are You? (Lit: Peking Origin Man Who are You?) is attracting a lot of attention in Japan. Now it has been scheduled for this year's Christmas slot for a nation wide release!

Apparently Japanese fans has been anxiously awaiting Wong Cho Yin's return and this film. The film company has received many faxes expressing support for Cho Yin's return. Thus the company has contacted Wong Cho Yin, hoping she can come to Japan and promote the movie before Christmas."Wong Cho Yin needed to speak fluent Japanese dialogue in the movie,so before the shoot, Joey appeared to be very nervous.

In the end she was able to handle it, impressing the entire production crew, since only in the matter of a few short months she was able to learn to speak fluent Japanese."This movie is the first script Wong Cho Yin chose after a carefulselection process. In the movie she plays a television journalist, who in order to report and study on the Pekingnese Ape Man goes to China for research.Finally she encounters the ape man and falls for him. After reading the script Wong Cho Yin agreed to star and even personally went to China for location shots.



March 26, 1997

Source: [READ ME] HK Film Top 10 Box Office

Joey Wong Cho Yin plays a reporter in Japanese film Beijing People.

After the end of Joey Wong Cho Yin's relationship with Lam Kin Ngak, she returned to Taiwan but chose to resurface in Japan. She already has proven the decision is correct because she just signed a record deal withJ apan's Amuse company, and is set to star in Tojo film company's But GaingYun (Beijing People).

Besides the sizable income Cho Yin would also receive shares of the international profit. One wonders if her boyfriend Chai Chun gave her any suggestions about her decision to return in Japan? According to Taiwan sources, Wong Cho Yin has officially accepted Japan Tojo company's new film But Gaing Yun which would begin shooting inTokyo in May. The shoot would last 3 months, so she must stay in Japan fora period of the time.

Cho Yin is now busy studying Japanese. The film was custom rewritten for her. For now it is known in the film she would play a Mainland reporters and her dialogue would mainly be in Mandarin and Japanese. Also, the 16th Annual HKFA committee earlier has attempted contact with Joey Wong, hoping she would return to Hong Kong to be the guest presenter for the Best Actor Award. But Wong Cho Yin is working hard to enter theJapanese entertainment scene, so the chances of her agreeing is slim.


January 15, 1997

Source: [READ ME] HK Film Top 10 Box Office

Pairing with Chai Chun and headed to Japan for contract negotiation Joey Wong Cho Yin may sign with a Japanese company The emotional stable Chai Chun and Joey Wong Cho Yin days ago paired up and flew back from Tokyo to Taipei. Chai Chun expressed this trip to Tokyo mainly is to accompany Joey for her negotiation with Japanese record company.

Reportedly Joey Wong has a great possibility of signing with a famous Japanese producer's Avex record company. If Joey Wong really joined up with this company, it would be the most stunning event in Japanese music scene, because Avex has a solidlineup with some of today's most popular artists, if Joey is successful,it would definitely help her breaking into the Japanese market.

Although Joey has yet to begin recording her Japanese album, the album is expected to be released in May. Joey and Chai Chun took the same flight back to Taipei, they stepped out the cockpit respectively, Joey and the crew first hopped on the awaiting car. Although this time Joey didn't avoid the cameras, but she had a serious look on her face, then Chai Chun picked up the luggage andgot out of the plane. After Chai Chun got in the car, Joey covered her face with her jacket and refused to be photographed with Chai Chun.

Chai Chun expressed Joey places great importance in her music business, so for now she is willing to have her photos with Chai Chun publicized.


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