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1993 - 1995


Source: CineRaider #3


By Gere Ladue

"Hungering for more explanations about the disappearance of Joey Wang? Besides the two rumours reported in the last issue, there is another story about Wan'gs recent screen absence. This one says that Wang was carrying on a hot affair with a popular Taiwanese actor (Wang is herself Taiwanese) who just happens to be married, and the little homewrecker is being booed and boycotted by the Taiwan filmgoers, who reported stayed away from GREEN SNAKE in droves. Since the Taiwanese release of HK films is big money for producers, they can't afford to have a film fail there simply because of an actor, and Wang has been sent on vacation until things cool down. No word on wheher the adulterous Romeo received thesame treatment from fans, but I'm betting he didn't -- his devoted wife probably didn't even divorce him, let alone grab a kitchen knife".


Source: CineRaider #4

F-Stop - Putting the Pieces in the Puzzle

By Gere Ladue

"Oh that's right, I did promise sinners too: not too many on this go-around. Sally Yeh keeps finding herself in the middle of other peoples broken romances, at least in court; recently she was not only supposedly mentioned in Mrs. George Lam's divorce complaint, but also found herself subpoenaed to testify about a former boyfriend's harassement of her in his latest ex-girlfriend's battery suit. Speaking of supposed homewreakers, still no screen appearances by Joey Wang Tsu-hsien, but her photo is slowly starting to show up again in a few magazines".


Source: CineRaider #2


By Gere Ladue

"Another former beauty queen, Joey Wang Tsu-hsien, aka Joey Wong Jo-yin, has stolen many a gweilo heart in her ghost story getups, and has been given official status as one of Jackie Chan's "little sisters" since their work on CITY HUNTER (that means she is being promoted by Jackie/Willie productions and is probably represented by Willie Chan); she had been making appearances and singing with Jackie for special events. Two concurrent rumors about Wang's recent absence from HK film offer conflicting stories: in one she has sold herself to a multimillionaire as his modern-day concubine and is holed up in a fabulous mansion, waited on hand and foot (hey, don't blame me -- it was printed in a Taiwanese newspaper); the other has her returning to Taiwan to pursue a pop career and starting a heavy schedule of coaching, etc".


Source: Google Groups Usenet Archives

From: Forrest Chang
Date: 1993-11-29 15:17:07 PST

In article <33242@mindlink.bc.ca> Mr_Gigabyte@mindlink.bc.ca (Mike Quigley) writes:

> Hi, I'm new here. I'm now planning to write a thesis about Joey Wong for
> the
> preparation of entering the master course of the university. (Do I make
> myself
> understood?) I've already watched many of her films, but I know it's not
> enough. In Japan, the informations about HK acters/actresses are not large
> (though Joey Wong is one of the most famous HK actress in Japan).
> So any informations concerning about her, her films, other films that
> influenced her/her films, etc., I'd like to have it. Could you (especially
> those who lives in Hong Kong) post it or e-mail it to me?

What exactly will the subject of your thesis be?

Well, well, well... u must certainly send me u'r finished copy.

I've gone thru this little spiel before and come up with not
much at all. I figure me and Derek Upham might be able to help u out.
I figure only he's seen more of her movies than I have, so mebbe he
can give u a thorough filmography.

About her.
Chinese name : Wong Cho-Yin/ Wang Tsu Hsien
English name : Joey Wang/Wong I put wang first coz she's from taiwan
First language : Mandarin
Sex : female
height : 5'8"
eyes : brown
hair : long, black, straight
Date of birth : Jan. 31, 1967
Place of birth : An Hui Shu Cheng (pinyin)
Chinese sign : goat
Zodiac : aquarius
Ex-boyfriend : Chai Chun/Qi Qing (a taiwanese singer)

Heard there r some connections with some HK businessman right now
as far as her social life.

I've got a mag at home I bought in china about her, but I've got
to delve thru the simplified characters..



From: Derek Upham
Date: 1993-11-30 00:18:19 PST

Here's a partial filmography. I'm interested in names for the Not
Seen category.

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The list below is roughly divided into Good, Okay, Bad, and Not
Seen. This is rating her performance in the film, rather than the
film overall.

"The Big Heat" 1988
"Butterfly and Sword" 1992
"A Chinese Ghost Story" 1987
"Fractured Follies" 1988
"Red and Black" 1991
"Spy Games" 1988
"Web of Deception" 1993
"Working Class" 1985

"A Chinese Ghost Story 2" 1990
"A Chinese Ghost Story 3" 1991
"A Chinese Legend" 1991
"City Hunter" 1993
"Diary of a Big Man" 1988
"The East is Red" 1993
"Fantasy Romance" 1993
"God of Gamblers"
"My Heart is that Eternal Rose"
"Prince of Temple Street"
"Reincarnation of Golden Lotus"
"Tale of the East" 1990

"Casino Tycoon 1 and 2" 1992
"Hong Kong Godfather"
"Lake Sprite" 1991
"Life After Dead" (sic)
"Portrait of a Nymph"
"Where's Officer Tubar?" 1985(?)

"Eagle Shooting Heros"(????)
"An Eternal Combat"
"Ghost Busters"
"Legend of Wu"
"Ming Ghost"
"My Dream is Yours"

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