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Special Edition

Isolation (Isolated From the World) Special Edition

Within months (possibly as early as 6/12/1998) of the release of Isolation, the CD went gold along with Chyi Chin's release (which was released on the same day as Isolation. To commemorate the event, WhatsMusic created and released a Limted Special Edition (10,000) double CD set of Joey and Chyi Chin's CDs.

Yet once again, the wonders of the internet and generosity of others completely overwhelmed me. My wepal JT whom I met on the MAX Message Board, wasn't even a big Joey fan but he not only translated the webpage announcing the release of this CD set, but graciously helped by looking in his native Singapore for the set! To say that I was overjoyed when he found it is an understatement! A few more emails and this priceless (to me) piece of Joey history was in my hands! And now I as I've always promised, I'm sharing it with all my fellow Joey fans.

Thank you so, so much to JT. Haven't seen you on the MAX Board in long time. Hope everything is going well and we'll talk again soon!


WhatsMusic ECD020
Release Date - Unknown

This Special Edition set is contained in a Double LP sized holder with different artwork on the cover and CDs, it includes the pictures show above and a rice paper booklet for the lyrics. Sadly there aren't any bonus CD tracks.

A bit of triva. For a short time after the release of the regular production Isolation CD, the WhatsMusic website had a picture of the cover used for this release. It was quickly changed to the one that was used for the actual production and the alterative cover reappeared on this Special Edition.

Created: 01/01/03   Last updated: 03/31/03