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Isolation (Isolated From the World)

If you can get only one Joey CD, this is the one to get. Forty plus minutes of Joey at her best (the CD runs nearly 48 minutes but the last track is an instrumental). A strong mix of ballads and faster paced songs, when I first got this CD I thought would wear it out (luckily I have an extra). As mentioned earlier, Joey sounds much more natural and confident singing in her native Mandarin.

A few notes:

My review below was written back in 1998 when I first got the CD, but almost everything I said still holds true today. I don't listen to the CD as often as I did back then, but I'm still entranced by You Are The Mist, I Am The Bar as well as the rest of the CD.

The liner notes list two music video directors, Tony Lin for Isolation and Joshua Lin for Dare Not To Think. I've managed to find the Isolation video, but have never been able to confirm the availability of the Dare Not To Think video.

Sadly, I've long since lost a translation of Joey's message from the CD liner that my webpal Fan from Shanghai did for me, but basically the message said that Joey had no regrets and nothing to say to the media about what she did. Part of the message stated that she missed her fans.

Another lost translation by Fan were the words for The Beloved. Again pulling this from my failing memory, the words are from a well known Chinese poem about two lovers who are separated by distance but connected by the flow of the Yangtze.


WhatsMusic ECD0019

Released April 1, 1998

Xiao Chiann - I may be wrong, but I believe this is one of two songs, the other is Mad Words that Joey wrote the lyrics for. Her name follows some kind of credit listed after the song lyrics.


Loving You Means Losing You

Mad Words - Despite the title, whenever I hear this song I keep thinking cute! I keep imagining Joey smiling as she was recording this song. A perfect complementary opposite of the song that follows.

You Are The Mist, I Am The Bar - For almost a month after I got this CD, not a day had passed that I hadn't listened to this song at least once. Even now every once in a while I'll set my CD player to autorepeat and play this single track throughout the night. While I'm still struggling with the lyrics, it's the dark almost angry tone of the music and Joey's voice that's so compelling. When I finally get the lyrics translated I may be proven wrong, but it's a good bet that this is not your typical love song. My favorite Joey song...so far!

Dare Not To Think

No Regret

Sheng Shang Mang

The Way I Evaluate Your Love - Like Mad Words , the upbeat tempo of the song helps carry Joey's voice. Add a pseudo-rap by Joey and this easily takes its place as my second favorite Joey song.

The Beloved - While there are lyrics printed in the enclosed booklet this is an instrumental that closes the CD. I've checked all three of my copies of "Isolation" on the chance somehow my CD players are missing the vocal tracks, but all three (from two different sources) contain only instrumentals. If anyone knows why the lyrics are printed but there isn't a vocal track please drop me a line.

Created: 01/01/03   Last updated: 03/31/03