Hold You In
My Arms

Who Are You?



Special Edition


While I'm not sure what the title ANGELUS[1] really means, there's a nice corporation of the title on the back cover. It took several days before the significance of the title and track list on the back finally dawned on me. It's really obvious once you see it, but a major hint is "Joey Wang".

The CD insert is a skimpy 6 pages (12 counting both sides), but it's almost worth the price of the CD just for the glamour shots of Joey. My favorite pics are the two that close the insert. Somehow the pics seems uncharacteristically sexy for Joey (it's all in the attitude <GRIN>).

[1] A quick search for a definition brought this answer:
      Angelus -
      1) A devotional prayer at morning, noon, and night to commemorate the Annunciation.
      2) A bell rung as a call to recite this prayer.


AvexTrax ADD-20210
Released 12/20/1997

This 20 minute extended CD contains 5 songs which alternate between slow love ballads and faster paced rock beat songs. Tracks 1, 2, 5 are ballads and 3,4 are fast paced.

Just Because of the Rain
Only the Lonely
Yin & Yang
Who Are You?

Sample files are in RealAudio

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