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Who Are You?



Special Edition

Who Are You?

Joey's return to the silver screen in the 1996 Japanese production, Peking Geijin: Who Are You? brought with it an added treat...Joey sang the title song and two CDs (a CD single and Extended CD) were released.

Rather than bore you (okay...rather than bore you anymore than I may already have) with a highly biased and ever changing review of each song on these CDs, my overall opinion is that Joey could sneeze, cough and just breath on a CD and I'd still buy it. With that aside, I must admit that when I first heard Who Are You? I was somewhat disappointed in Joey's singing abilities. However as time has passed I've come to fall in love with Joey's voice as much I have the rest of her! *BLUSH*

Overall, I prefer the faster paced songs to the slow ballads and her singing in her native Mandarin is much more "natural" sounding than her singing in Japanese (for a good example, watch Peking Geijin: Who Are You?, in which Joey speaks in both Mandarin and Japanese. Her Mandarin is naturallly much more fluid than her Japanese).

AvexTrax ADD-20210
Released 12/20/1997

This CD single contains three tracks. The first song Who Are You? is a slow, breathy love song and the second song Reset has a fast paced rock beat. The third track is a music only karaoke version of Who Are You?. Reset and the karaoke track aren't included on ANGELUS.

Who Are You?
Who Are You?
( karaoke) (no clip available)

Sample Tracks are in RealAudio

A side note:
If you insert this CD or ANGELUS on a Windows PC (I've heard that it may not work on a non-windows system) a special video file promoting Avextrax will play if you have the auto-play function enabled. Also if you explore the CD like a CD-ROM there are several additional directories including one named "Pictures" which contains a file named jacket01.00j , if you change the extension to .jpg you'll find is a scan of the CD cover. There are three other files that I suspect are also cover scans, but I haven't been able to open them.

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