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Hold You In My Arms Forever

Rumors of a debut CD released long before 1998's Who Are You? passed before my eyes in articles and newsgroup messages for years. Still, nothing positive ever came my way. Was it just a rumor or did it really exist?

Finally proof of its existence came in 1998, when I got the Joey Filmbook. While poring through the numerous pages, one picture caught my eye. Could this be proof of a Japanese CD release?

Our fellow Joey fan Julian Cassian and his wife generously provided a translation of the text in the photo and confirmed that it was in fact a CD single released on 3/11/1992. One step closer to finding this piece of Joey history.

Numerous requests went out to anyone I could think of , then several months later I received an email from a webpal in Japan (who has asked to remain anonymous) saying he finally found a copy of the CD in a second-hand CD store. I can't thank this person enough for making one of my dreams come true! A couple of emails back and forth, and final proof of the existence of this CD was in my hands.!

Sony Records SRDL3449
Released 3/11/1992

There are three tracks with a total running time of 14:33 minutes.

The first track is the title song in Japanese, the second track is in Mandarin with a slightly different beat, but I'm sure is the same song. The third track is a karaoke (music only) version. Both songs are fast paced rock/dance beat songs. The chorus in the Japanese version reminds me of "Reset" from the Who Are You? CD single.

Like on Isolation, her singing on the Mandarin version (track 2) sounds much more natural probably due to her singing in her native language.

Hold You In My Arms Forever (Japanese version)
Hold You In My Arms Forever (?) (Mandarin version)
Hold You In My Arms Forever (Karaoke)

*Jumping in my soapbox*

These clips are posted so my fellow Joey fans can enjoy a bit of her history. It is not meant to replace the purchase of this or any of her CDs. It's only because of the scarcity of this CD that I've decided to post these tracks in MP3 format. But, if you enjoy the music and have to opportunity to purchase this or any of her CDs please do so. Joey deserves all the encouragement and support possible from her fans around the world.

*Okay, I'm off my soapbox now. Enjoy!*

These are pics related to the CD release and promotion:

Joey Wang PhotoBook  
A Chinese
Ghost Story
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