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Yes it's true...Joey Sings! 

Rumors abound about how many CDs Joey has recorded and released, but here are the facts about what I've been able to confirm and what I'm still not 100% sure about.


March 11, 1992 - Hold You In My Arms Forever
CD Single - This is it! Barring proof of anything earlier, this IS Joey's singing debut. Released on March 11, 1992, this CD single features the title track in Japanese and Mandarin. This confirms rumors that Joey was seeking to begin a singing career in Japan and may also be the source of rumors of a Mandarin CD which predates Isolation.

December 20, 1997 - Who Are You?
Cd Single - This is the title song for the 1997 Japanese film Peking Geijin: Who Are You? This CD single features two songs, Reset and a karaoke version of Who Are You? that are not available on ANGELUS.

March 11, 1998 - ANGELUS
Extended CD Single - The followup to the Who Are You? CD single. This 20 minute Extended Play CD contains five songs and has a running time of 20 minutes.

April 1, 1998 - Isolation (lit. Separated From the World)
CD - Joey's first and only (so far) Mandarin CD. A highly personal CD that helped set the stage for for her return to Chinese entertainment circle.


In Spirit Love (lit: Fly Past Yin Yang Circle)Joey's character does a song and dance routine for a commercial. It sounds like Joey's voice during the dialog scenes but the singer definitely isn't Joey.

In Diary of  a Big Man Joey joins Chow Yun Fat and Sally Yeh in a music video interlude. While I can't positively state that it is Joey singing her own part, it is definitely Yun Fat and Sally singing, and it does sound like Joey's voice. So it seems likely that this was Joey's "singing debut".

1993 - 2002
During her absence from the silver screen in 1993 rumors flew about her whereabouts, one rumor was that she was in Japan taking singing lessons and recording a CD. Well, Hold You In My Arms Forever seems to confirm that rumor, but there were other rumors of  a Korean and possibly Cantonese CD release also. The only info I've come across that would possibly confirm their existence is from the HK Film Top 10 Box Office report (February 7, 1996) that said: "Joey Wong's ex-boyfriend Chai Chun is producing her 3 new albums: one in Japanese, one in Korean, and one in Mandarin". Chai Chun (Chyi Chin) was involved in the production of ANGELUS and Isolation, so it's possible that a Korean CD may exist. After all, it seemed that Hold You In My Arms Forever wasn't real either.

Created: 01/01/03   Last updated: 03/31/03