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Chinese New Year 1991

These are from a 1991 Chinese New Year Special.


1991 Radio TV Hong Kong (RTHK) Award Show

Clip 1 - Joey can be seen very briefly, sitting next to Jackie Chan
Clip 2 - Joey appears with numerous other stars to present an award to Jackie Cheung Hok Yau.

I got these from a series of videos from Gere LaDue of Dragon Art. I've written about Gere before, but I can't thank her enough for all the great items she made available. Thank You so much Gere, wherever you are!


Miss Hong Kong Pageant 1991

This is from a Miss Hong Kong Pageant compliation set. ~9 hours of video for 4 seconds of Joey. A more than fair trade I think! <GRIN>


Ashes Of Time - Cut Scenes

One of the side effects of Joey's prolific film career in the '80's and 90's was that like most Hong Kong stars, she appeared in several films a year. One of the stories behind Wong Kar Wai's Ashes of Time is that Joey had another film commitment to fufill and had to leave the filming of this movie because Kar Wai was taking too long to complete it (a trait that Kar Wai is known for, but having seen most of his other films, well worth the wait. But that's another story). There definitely has to be more film footage, but for now we'll have to be content with a few pics in book about the film and these few seconds of some Joey's cut scenes from the movie.

These scenes are from the Taiwanese version of this movie and they appear after the end of the film.

A bit of trivia about Ashes Of Time.

It's reported that Kar Wai is planning to completely re-envision the film sometime this year. Re-edits and completely new scenes are reported to be part of the revision. It would be great if Joey's scenes were reinstated. But with Kar Wai, no one (perhaps even himself) knows what he has planned.


Working Class MV


This is MV clip that was included on the Working Class VHS release. There are a few scenes of Joey that don't appear in the film itself. I like to pretend that Joey's winking at me! *BLUSH*


I usually don't post anything that I've found on the web. The majority of what I post, I've either scanned or captured myself. However, to the best of my knowledge these clips are no longer available, so I'm making them available here.

Peony Pavillion Press Conference

This is a newsclip of a Peony Pavillion news conference is from a defunct Peony Pavillion website that contained some interesting infomation about the film. Thank you to the webmaster for the information and excellent clip.


Wacatta - Promo Video - December 1996

These were available on the site of the publisher of the Japanese informational magazine Wacatta.

Sorry about the very poor video quality, but this how they were originally posted.

But's Joey!


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