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Joey's Cantonese film debut - Let's Make Laugh II (1985)

Rick Baker in The Essential Guide to Deadly China Dolls:

"In 1985, Joey made the first film of her adult career for Shaw Brothers, a sequel called Let's Make Laugh II. In the same year she appeared with Sam Hui in Working Class".

From the Universe DVD: Picture of A Nymph

"And this movie [It Will Be Cold By The Lake This Year dn 03/28/03] attracted the attention of producer Mona Fong of Shaw Brothers and invited Joi come to Hong Kong to make her first Hong Kong movie “Let’s Make Laugh II”, opposite Derek Yee Tung Sing".

My Japanese Joey Filmbook lists 2/18/85 as the release date for Let's Make Laugh II and 8/10/85 for the release of Working Class.

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