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Joey's Taiwanese film debut - It Will be Cold by the Lake This Year (1981)

In his Joey Wong essay in The Essential Guide to Deadly China Dolls, author Rick Baker writes:

"Joey Wong (aka Joey Wang, Wong Tsu Hsien)[1] was born in Taiwan on January 31, 1967. she cut her teeth in her first movie, The Lakeside is Cold that same year."

Baker's statement that Joey made her film debut as a mere babe (versus the real babe she would grow up to be <GRIN>) has appeared in other reports of Joey's film career. However what seems to be definitive proof of the actual production and release year of The Lakeside is Cold (literal translation from the original Chinese: It Will be Cold by the Lake This Year provided by deadmead) has been found.


From the Universe DVD: Picture of A Nymph

"Born in Taiwan on 30 January, 1967, raise and received secondary school education in Taiwan. She has enrolled in the drama course of Kuo Kwan Arts School.

Her father is a basketball player thus made her a professional basketball player when she was fourteen, She shot a TV commercial of sport shoes and drew the attention of a film producer and made her the leading lady of “It’ll Be Very Cold by the Lakeside This Year”."


Selected comments from the alt.asian-movies newgroup archive:

Date: 2002-01-20 05:30:18 PST

"PeterDMc" <peterdmc@aol.comNOSPAM> ¼¶¼g©ó¶l¥ó
> Is there anything even remotely like HKMDb for Taiwanese films? Many HK stars
> are from Taiwan and when they make the occasional film in Taiwan, it gets hard
> to find information on it. 98% of the time it won't get added to HKMDb, and
> most websites for the stars are, well, generally not that elaborate...Any
> suggestions?

try (this directs you to the Englsih version
of this site). It's "Chinese movie database." If you put together what you
see on HKMBD and what you find out here, you get more complete
(not necessarily "complete") information.
This site is easier to search if you know Chinese. Use Joey Wong as
an example, if you type in "Joey Wong" you're not going to find her
information because she is "Joy Wong" here. Another thing is that
there aren't many details about movies on this site; its biggest function
probably is helping you to spot those "occasional films in Taiwan"
YEAR; BTW, this is actually Joey Wong's movie debut, but it
wasn't released until Jeoy Wong made herself known to
Taiwanese audience through, mainly, A CHINESE GHOST


Date: 2002-09-11 18:00:13 PST

"PeterDMc" <peterdmc@aol.comNOSPAM> ¼¶¼g©ó¶l¥ó
> What is Joey Wong's first movie? Hkmdb is confused on this point, Imdb is
> innaccurate, and there are no big Joey Wong websites with complete information.
> Her film debut seems to have been in 1984, and is possibly a mythical fim that
> no one knows anything about or has seen called Life After Dead. Or it could be,
> as many filmographies claim An Eternal Combat...Other sources claim her first
> film was Working Class, Let's Make Laugh 2, or The Legend of Wisely. All of
> those are credited as 1985, but maybe they were made earlier...?
> Does anyone know for absolute certainty what Joey Wong's film debut is?

absolutely certain that Joey Wong made her film debut at the age
in Taiwan movie. Just like Brigette Lin, Joey Wong is from Taiwan,
and HK "picked" her up later on (the difference is that the time when
Joey Wong got recognized in Taiwan, the Taiwanese film industry
was in dire strait...while Brigette Lin got up in the most glourious
days of Taiwanese cinema [popularity-wise rather than the quality
of cinema]).

This movie wasn't released in HK until 1987 after HK
audience got a bit familiar with her.


Date: 2002-09-12 06:00:41 PST

"Darin N" <> ¼¶¼g©ó¶l¥ó
> Hi All...
> Thanks to DeadMead for the info and Peter for asking the question. I've
> wondered about this for a long time myself. BTW, seems that
> you saw "It Will Be Cold By The Lake This Year" in the theatre. How would
> you rate Joey's performance and the movie overall? Also, do you know if
> this has ever been released on video?

mmm...her "performance"? well...she's just there,
incredibly beautiful as a 14 years old; the movie
is overtly pretenious (trying too hard to be stylish).
Joey didn't really need to "act" (she probably
couldn't act very well at that time anyway...) in
the movie, what is important is the kind
of "aura" evoked by the appearance of Joey.
AFAIK, there is no video release of this movie ~_~

> Now, just to add a bit of info and maybe a bit of confusion. :-)
> 1) I have a Japanese filmbook that lists "Let's Make Laugh II" as a 1985
> release, before "Working Class".

mmm...then her HK movie debut could be either LAUGH II or
WORKING CLASS, both relreased in 1985, but which movie
was made first is difficult to tell.

> 2) That same filmbook lists another film as a 1984 release, but oddly it
> doesn't have an English title translation (I've posted a scan of the listing
> here: DeadMead perhaps you could
> kindly translate the title and confirm if it is "It Will Be Cold...." BTW,
> this is just a temporary link for this reply post. There aren't any other
> visitor accessible pages at

It is. The movie itself probably doesn't have an English title for
"It Will be Cold by the Lake This Year" is a literal translation of
the original Chinese title. and so there's no English title provided
in that Japanese film book.

Date: 2002-09-12 19:50:44 PST

"Darin N" <> ¼¶¼g©ó¶l¥ó

> A bit of confusion though. "It Will Be Cold..." has a release date of 1984,
> but Joey's age is stated to be 14 at the time of the movie. If Joey was born
> in 1967, this would make her 17 in 1984. So was this movie actually made in
> 1981 and not released until 1984? As confirmation of this might be a bit of
> trivia that I got from a DVD bio on Joey. According to to bio, Joey made a
> Taiwanese TV commercial at age 14 and was subsequently cast in "It Will Be
> Cold" right after.

well, the release date 1984 may indicate its Japanese
release date. I forgot when it was released in Taiwan,
but the film was definitely finished before 1984 (as
you mentioned, right after the TV commercial).
also, even it was first released in Taiwan in 1984, it's
quite normal since "It Will Be Cold...," just like all
other more independent productions at the time, would
need to fight for (or beg?) being released in theaters...
it wasn't unusual taking couple of years for a movie
to be released in theater in Taiwan ~_*

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