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Some films may be listed under more than one heading. Example: My Dream Is Yours is a Comedy but since it deals with ghosts (not Joey this time) it's also listed under Ghost Stories.

Ghost Stories

A Chinese Ghost Story
A Chinese Ghost Story II
A Chinese Ghost Story III
A Chinese Legend
Demoness from 1000 Years
An Eternal Combat
Fantasy Romance
Fox Legend
Ghost Snatchers
Green Snake
Kung Fu vs. Acrobatics
Lake Sprite

Ming Ghost
My Dream Is Yours
Painted Skin
Portrait of A Nymph
Red and Black
Reincarnation Of Golden Lotus
Spirit Love
A Tale From the East


13 Eagle Shooting Heroes
100 Ways to Murder Your Wife
The Banquet
Carry On Hotel
Chez N' Ham
City Hunter
Diary of a Big Man
Fantasy Romance
Fractured Follies
Gift From Heaven
Kung Fu vs. Acrobatic
Mr. Coconut
My Dream Is Yours
Spy Games
A Tale From the East
To Err Is Humane
Where's Officer Tuba?
Working Class

Drama / Action

The Big Heat
The Big Score
Casino Tycoon
An Eye For An Eye
Family Honor
Hong Kong Godfather
A Hearty Response
Killer's Romance
Law Or Justice?
Missing Man
My Heart Is That Eternal Rose
Peking Geijin
Point of No Return
The Prince of Temple Street


A Hearty Response
Peony Pavillion
Private Life

Walking Beside Me


13 Eagle Shooting Heroes
All Men Are Brothers: Blood of the Leopard
Butterfly & Sword
The Beheaded 1000
The East Is Red
Legend Of Wisely

Not Seen

Beautiful Shanghai
Flower Love
The Lakeside Will Be Cold This Year
Last Song In Paris
Let's Make Laugh II
Mr. Coconut

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