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An earthly angel is born

Is a star basketball player and appears in a Taiwanese TV commercial.

Makes her Taiwanese film debut (at age 14) in: The Lake Will Be Cold This Year.

Makes her Hong Kong film debut in Let’s Make Laugh II .

Co-stars with Sam Hui in Working Class

Her Golden Years in Hong Kong cinema. With the cinematic highlight unquestionably playing Siu Sian in
the 1986 production of A Chinese Ghost Story.

Fate steps in as she co-stars with
Chyi Chin in Flower Love. A continual ongoing on/off relationship begins.

Appears on two episodes of Celebrity Talk Show with Wong Jim.

Stars in the Japanese produced Woman From Hong Kong.

Makes her singing debut with the CD Single: Hold You In My Arms Forever.

Appears at least once (probably twice) on the Japanese music show On Air, probably to promote Hold You In My Arms Forever.

News of her affair with businessman Lam Kin Ngak, turns the Taiwanese public against her.

Green Snake is released in Hong Kong.

Green Snake is released in Taiwan and Taiwanese moviegoers “boycott” the movie because of Joey’s affair.

Little Woman is released in Hong Kong

Rumors abound about Joey’s whereabouts. She was the pampered concubine of a wealthy businessman, she was developing her career in Japan and she was taking singing lessons.

Reappears to the Japanese public as a co-host for two (possibly three) episodes of the Japanese TV variety show Mikata From Asia
(lit: What’s New From Asia).

Has a clothing line - Joey Brand and makes a commercial for a Cup Noodle (Cup Ramen) company for Japanese TV.

Makes her return to the silver screen with the Japanese produced - Peking Geijin: Who Are You? and sings the title song for the movie -  Who Are You?

Appears in the final episode of the Japanese TV drama series Sekimatsu No Uta (The Last Song)

Who Are You? - the Japanese CD single of the title song for Peking Geijin - Who Are You? is released.

ANGELUS - a Japanese Extended CD single featuring Who Are You? is released.

Isolation - a Mandarin CD marking her official Mandarin singing debut on the same day as Chyi Chin's new CD is released.

Within months of the release of Isolation, it goes gold along with Chyi Chin's CD and a special Limited Edition Double CD Set with both Isolation and Chyi Chin's CD is released

Continual rumors about her pending marriage to longtime on-again / off- again love Chyi Chin are the most common topic during 1999. The often announced (and continually changing) wedding date never happens.

2000 brings news of her return to the silver screen as filming of Peony Pavillion begins.

Peony Pavillion marks her return to the Hong Kong silver screen.

During the promotion of Peony Pavillion, Joey announces her retirement from show business.

Appears on an episode of Super Celebrity Talk Show with Wong Jim

Appears in a taped segment for Chinese New Year on the Singapore TV show Tonight In Person. The segment would reportedly be her last public appearance.

Appears in a music video for Chyi Chin's new CD, Howling.

After months of retirement during which she attended a college in Vancouver, Canada she announces her return to show business to begin production on a new film, Beautiful Shanghai.

Filming of Beautiful Shanghai is reportedly completed.


Source: Star Biography – Picture of A Nymph DVD

This film may have been unreleased or had a limited in release in Taiwan, then re-released after she became a star in Hong Kong.

My Japanese Joey Filmbook lists 2/18/85 as the release date for this film. A quick cross-reference with the MPIA Filmbooks (1989-1993) are accurate so I assume this is to.

Her first adult leading lady role in her second Hong Kong film. Often cited as her film debut, this has a release date of 8/10/85.

I've been able to confirm the existence of 62 films made during this period.

At least for Western audiences, she may have been the most recognizable (and heart-breaking...*SIGH*) actress in Hong Kong cinema during this period.

One is a full half-hour interview and the other is an interview segment with Lin Ching Hsia (Lam Ching Ha)

This 1991 Taiwanese film was released to Hong Kong theatres on December 18, 1993. Marking the last Hong Kong screen appearance for Joey until Peking Geijin was released in 1997.

The truth is probably a bit of all three. She was still with Lam Kin Ngak, was in Japan at least part of the time (with Vancouver, Canada her home base), learning Japanese and was still persuing a singing career.

She reportedly left the show to expand her limited Japanese vocabulary and planned to return but never did.

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