Birth name: Wang Tsu Hsien (Taiwan Mandarin)
                  Wang Zu Xian (Mandarin)
Wong Jyo Yin (Cantonese)
                  Ong Jyo Hen (or Han) (Fukinense)

                   (literal translation: King Virtueous Ancestor)

English name: Joey

Nickname: Siu Yin (Little Yin) (used by Chyi Chin)

Birthdate: January 31, 1967

Birthplace: An Hui Shu Cheng, Taiwan

Height: 172 cm = ~ 5' 7" (This is almost certainly incorrect, she's probably at least
              180cm = ~5'10")

Eyes : Brown

Hair : Long, black, straight

Measurements: B 85 W 63 H 85

Greatest Desires: To win several Golden Horse Awards and make a music album

Favorite Colors: Black, Red, White

Family: An older brother and sister, younger brother

Universe DVD Picture of A Nymph Star Bio

Born in Taiwan on 30 January, 1967[1], raise and received secondary school education in Taiwan. She has enrolled in the drama course of Kuo Kwan Arts School.

Her father is a basketball player thus made her a professional basketball player when she was fourteen [2], She shot a TV commercial of sport shoes and drew the attention of a film producer and made her the leading lady of  “It’ll Be Very Cold by the Lakeside This Year."[3]

And this movie attracted the attention of producer Mona Fong of Shaw Brothers and invited Joi come to Hong Kong to make her first Hong Kong movie “Let’s Make Laugh II” [4], opposite Derek Yee Tung Sing.

In 1987, she portrayed a beautiful ghost in “A Chinese Ghost Story” and her spell-binding beauty and grace made her an idol in Japan and South Korea. Thus she make a dozen movies in the following years playing similar characters, either ghost or vixen, gliding across the screen.

In 1989 she went to Japan to star in TV series “ A Woman From Hong Kong” [5]. Later she also made commercials, publishing photo albums. Her latest films is a Japanese film “Peking Man”.


[1] Most sources list January 31, 1967 as her birthdate.

[2] It seems unlikely that she would have been a “professional basketball player” at 14, but it does coincide with another report that she was a star basketball player in high school.

[3] [4] The question of Joey's film debut has been the subject of debate for years. On 9/17/2002, a question about Joey's film debut was posted to the alt.asian-movies newsgroup and the thread (in which I participated) brought about some interesting and I believe definitive answers about Joey's early film career. My excerpts from that thread along with some additional comments and information about her film debuts are here.

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